Hosting Summer 2016


Proverbs 25:2 (Living Bible)

2 It is God’s privilege to conceal things… 

We don’t know WHY things turned out the way they did with N, but we trust God all the same.

We are going to host again this summer, after much prayer, fear and trembling. 😉  Considering what we’ve been through, we were not ready yet to host again, but God had other plans. We received a phone call specifically asking us to host a particular child whose siblings are being adopted by families within about an hour of us.
How can you say no to providing 5 weeks of love, family, good food, and learning about God to a child who does not have these things?
Due to the laws of this certain country, I can not give details online, other than to say that she is a 13 year old girl,  BUT feel free to PM me with questions.  We will be searching for and praying for a Forever Family for this precious child, so please pray with us that the Lord sends the right family along for her. If you would like to meet her, send me a message.
The reason I am sharing this info so early when hosting doesn’t start until the end of June is because there is a need for volunteers to host an adult chaperone.
The laws of this country require that chaperones be sent with the children for their safety, and this chaperone will need a place to stay!
Unlike with the children who must stay with one family the entire 5 weeks, the chaperone can move from one family to another, staying approximately 10 days or so with each family.
She is a social worker, and speaks just a little English. A translator app works wonders in a case like this! 🙂 This is a wonderful opportunity for a missions trip without ever leaving your own home.  You will just need to provide her with her own room, and meals, and treat her as a guest. Help getting her from one host home to another would be appreciated.
Please contact me if you’d be willing to help.


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