3 months

It’s been nearly 3 months since N chose to go back to his country.

We’ve done a lot in those 3 months. Deep breaths. Quiet time with the Lord. Being thankful for continued communication with N. Healing. Counseling. Praying. Recovering.

I won’t lie and say it’s been easy.  It HAS been quiet, mostly…


I regularly hear from N’s former foster mother who is able to keep in touch with him. She passes messages from him to me. I can text him, but he rarely texts back because it costs him minutes.  But occasionally he does text me asking me to call him. I am able to encourage him to make good decisions and remind him of how loved he is, and how many people are praying for him.  Sometimes he has a need that we are able to meet. We had bought him some leather boots while he was here, and the water proofing stuff had worn off, so he was unable to wear them in the snow without his feet getting wet.  We used amazon.uk to order some water proof spray and had it delivered to the orphanage. I didn’t tell him before the package arrived, so he was surprised and pleased!

We have some opportunities before us that we are praying about… more to come on that later as the way becomes clear! (Nothing involving N.)


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