He’s done it again!

Last Friday I emailed the adoption agency to ask why our check for $4560 hadn’t cleared yet. I was told they’d get back with me Monday about that. So yesterday (Monday) I received a call saying they couldn’t find the check due to office renovations. Eventually, they did end up finding it in the lock box with some other unopened mail, but in the meantime she asked me “Why did you send a check for that amount for trip 1 when Trip 1 is already fully funded?”  About all I could say was “…what?”

Turns out somebody donated $5000…. WAY BACK IN JUNE…. and we never even knew it! Never even sent a thank you letter either… ugh!!!

So, this means we are fully funded for trip ! Hallelujah! 

The $4560 we had set aside can now be used for the amount needed for the remaining fees which means we actually have some extra for trip 2 already!!  Thank you God!

You can be sure we used this opportunity to point out God’s faithfulness to provide and His love for us and for N!  We talked about it off and on all day. 🙂 


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