4 days and 15 days

PLEASE PRAY all you prayer warriors out there!

With just 4 days left, N is very stressed and easily upset. He is dreading going back. He’s having trouble regulating himself and is blowing up really easily. This makes life very stressful as we strive to stay calm and not escalate with him.

We’ve had some good talks about it where he has opened up and admitted how he feels, which is progress! But, he is still on edge which makes everyone miserable. Our biggest prayer is that he will come to know the Lord personally.

Tonight I made him a shake (goat milk, bananas, cocoa, and peanut butter) and he said “I can’t believe you made me a shake after I was a bad boy!” 😉 So, I told him I loved him even when his behavior was bad and I was really proud of him for saying he was sorry. Then he said, “You’re a good girl!” LOL



As of last week the total we needed was $3500.

And as of today it is $2480!! Two generous gifts of $500 each came in and we sold one more t-shirt.  God is so good to provide what we need. Without Him none of this would be possible. Sometimes (ok, a LOT of times) the money concerns are less than the behavior concerns! And without God, it would be impossible to handle that, too!


The answer from Kris’ work about getting paid even just for 30 hours a week while we are gone was a NEGATIVE.  No paid “vacation”. EVER.  While this is disappointing, it is not more than God can cover. He’s got this. Our eyes are on Him.


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