17 days!

Summer 2015 hosting is over in 6 days and N will have to head back to his country. He is quite stressed out about this and has had some behavior problems. Kris came home from work on Wednesday night and asked me if I had asked him why he was acting so bad. I hadn’t asked him because I figured he wouldn’t tell me! A lot of times he just says “I don’t know.” So, Kris asked him if he was stressed about having to leave and he actually said YES instead of I DONT KNOW! Then he asked him if that is why he’s been acting up so much and he said YES again! Since then his behavior has been much better. Yay!

11 days after he leaves, we will fly over to join him.  We are $130 closer to $4500 as of yesterday. We sold 4 t-shirts and received a generous $50 donation from an online friend. Thank you so much!!

We still have a lot of Texas “home” t-shirts for those of you who want to help – $20 each.

I am not allowed to post individual pictures of him online or this blog would be filled with them! So, here’s a t-shirt picture instead. 😉


Our most pressing need THIS WEEK is $232 to pay for a car rental while we are there. The sooner we rent it, the lower the cost. If we wait until we get there we can expect to pay a lot more. Also, we need $500 for lodging costs. Depending on the exchange rate this may be a little less.  We found a little guesthouse for 45 euros a night (around $50), which is a good deal compared to the $150 a night hotel we were told we would need to stay at!!! PLEASE continue to PRAY!  We appreciate each one of you who encourage us and pray, etc! God is faithful to provide.


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