Airfare Update!

We had someone generously offer us the use of their credit card to buy our airfare tickets…  and we could pay it back later.  We prayed about it, and just really didn’t feel good about it. We’ve made it this far with no credit cards, only complete trust in God to provide, and He has richly provided!

So, we declined, and just decided to continue to pray and trust that He would provide in time for us to get the best price on tickets. Yesterday morning we received an email from a family who wants to remain anonymous, saying that they are going to pay for our tickets for trip 1!  PRAISE THE LORD!!

So, our fundraiser page (<<<click there to see the latest!) is going to be updated to show that the total we need is $6960 rather than $9560.

We were offered a grant to cover N’s airfare, but I have been unable to contact them so please pray I can get a response ASAP!

Our next goal is the $4560 we need to send in to be wired overseas for court costs. More t-shirts will be arriving by the 22nd, and we hope to sell them ALL!


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