Trip 1 Travel Dates!

Hosting is going very well. We are slowly but surely making progress and N is settling in and almost daily I can see him opening up more and more. He’s been through so much and I can’t share it all here as it is his private story.  Suffice it to say, he is hurting badly and learning to trust is a lengthy process.  His English has slipped some, but it’s coming back to him quickly.  He loves to be goofy and make us all laugh.

For this third hosting our goal is more than ever to live life like we always do. Meaning, that we aren’t going and doing constantly. We were always careful to not do too much of that, but this summer we are adding in SCHOOL WORK! Oh, what a shock to his system that was. We had a REALLY rough day on Day 1 of lessons, but on Day 2 he said “I want to do more!” when I told him that was all for the day. 🙂

We have travel dates for about 11 days after N goes back to his country from summer hosting! Trip 1 is generally expected to be about 3 weeks, but ours is only 16 days. Kris will be off work unpaid, so this is a huge blessing.
We thought we had until late August to come up with the $4560 in legal fees but we were just informed that it needs to be sent in ASAP!!
And we were also informed that our tickets should be bought ASAP to get the best price.

So, here’s our latest prayer request: we have 4 grants we are waiting to hear back from, but only 1 will be in time to help us with Trip 1.  We should know something about that one by July 6. PLEASE PRAY!! We need around $10,000 total ASAP


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