Summer Hosting 2015

N arrived home June 26 for 8 weeks of hosting before we travel to his country for Trip 1 of the adoption. He is settling in and doing amazingly well.  Just starting to open up again after a few days of catching up on sleep.   He has had a lot of hard things happen to him in his life – this blog post explains it pretty well. So far, we haven’t had a hard day, but we’re ready! Ready to show him love through the hard times and prove that we will be here for him no matter what.

We don’t have our travel dates yet, but have been told that there is a good chance we can go soon after hosting. Hoping for early September. The later we go the colder it will be there!

In these next 8 weeks we need to come up with about $10, 000. <<<That blows my mind. But, the Lord has shown us time and time again that He is our provider. We’ve applied for grants and won’t hear back about the first one until the end of July. We are also doing a t-shirt fundraiser, which I will post about later. Please pray with us for the needed funds!


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