…we can officially discuss the adoption with N!!!!

Unfortunately, we’ve only gotten to Skype with him once since then, but it was a VERY HAPPY Skyping!  And I am able to message with his “foster mother”, and she says he has been SO much happier since he was asked if he wanted to be adopted by us. He’s counting down the days until June 26 when he will come for 8 weeks of summer hosting.

Soon after that we should be traveling to Latvia for Trip 1 of 3. He will get to come home with us on trip 1!

So, we have from now until late August to work on raising the funds for trip 1!

Stay tuned for our first t-shirt fundraiser:

1144924269 Front

Shirts will arrive here by June 22, and will cost $20 each, and that includes shipping if necessary. We’ve ordered 40 total, in all sizes from small to 3XL.

We realize that this t-shirt will not be popular with EVERYONE we know,,, so we’re working on another design as well. Let me know if you have any good ideas!


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