Christmas Hosting 2014 – end of week 1

I love this blog post from a mom with five kids who is adopting… This is exactly how I feel.

“What wrecks me is this: God doesn’t seem to be concerned with what I can handle, but rather with what HE can handle!”


Well, our first week of Christmas hosting is complete and we are scratching our heads, wondering WHO IS THIS CHILD AND WHERE IS THE CHILD WE HAD THIS SUMMER?

After 3 or 4 days, he settled in and showed some of his old struggles with sharing, having to do things he didn’t want to, trouble dealing with the word “no”, etc. nothing major at ALL, though.

Kris took him to the gun show in Fredericksburg on Saturday after he’d been here a week, just to look, and he was great. Then he took him to WalMart, and he was great. We wondered… What’s changed? Why the difference? But, hey, we were thrilled, and praised him for such good behavior.

Yesterday, Erinn had a doctor appointment, and we went to Walmart afterwards, and HE DID GREAT. I should not be so shocked, but his behavior in stores this summer was unbelievable. He was SO overwhelmed with all the STUFF and just couldn’t understand why I didn’t put every single thing he asked for into the cart. We had to “abort the mission” on more than one occasion.

God has answered our prayers in an amazing way! I know that we’ll still have issues now and then, but for now, we’re enjoying this new calm kid.

My brother, sister in law, and their two precious boys (6 & 3) came for a visit this weekend. N was so worried and stressed up front. We had many long discussions, with LOTS of fears coming out on his part. His experience with kids in general is that they steal and/or break your stuff, bully you around, etc. So, he took all his clothes out of his room, which is where they’d be sleeping, and put them in our room. I told him that they are NOT going to steal his clothes, and insisted he put them all back except for a couple outfits to change into after showers. He was not convinced, but he did as I asked. And sure enough, when they’d gone home, all his clothes were still there!! Gasp. 😉 And the boys didn’t mess with him at all. In fact, they were pretty entertaining and cute! And it didn’t kill him to have to greet the visitors properly!!
So, it was a great weekend, and hopefully eased some of N’s fears about family members and friends visiting.

We’ve been learning to make rings out of coins, from a generous friend (Randy) who started making these as a fundraiser for us.


N has been loving this process of learning to make rings. We (mostly him, because only one of us can use the tools at a time) have been practicing a lot. Here’s his first ever ring. He accidentally used a Virginia quarter instead of a Texas one, so asked me if he could sell it online.


Our sweet friend Bridgit bought it from him and he was THRILLED!

So, next , next he wanted to make a TX ring for himself, but changed his mind and made one for Kris instead. And with that, we were out of Texas state quarters because they are really hard to find.

Eventually, Randy was able to gather up a few more TX quarters with the help of some of his friends, and he also brought N a dremel type tool to make the ring polishing process go much faster.  N was amazed that it was a gift for him. As soon as Randy left he said, “I know he said this is mine, but you and Dad can use it whenever you want to.” Hey, sharing! That’s progress.

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